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Soooo Yahh, I went to Disneyland Resort during the covid 19 Pandemic, But i think it was much better than I thought, I was thinking it was going to be more like of a VERY busy theme park, but no, it was very short, Like really quick queues. Some of the queue were like more of around 2 hours for things like Splash Moutian(They are taking the ride down and remodeling it :( sad)

So I decided to get a quick pic as this maybe the last time i ever see the ride in my life :(


LOL, I was able to ride the ride about 2 times pretty quickly


Me and my father decided to stay the night in a nearby hotel for the nightbefore, so we would not have to be driving the next day


The Queues were petty nice, not overly long

  1. 50% <= 15 Minutes
  2. 25% >= 30 Minutes
  3. 15% >= 1 Hr
  4. 10% >= 1.5 hrs


Star Wars Land

The Lines there were pretty good, I also got to try the Green/Blue Milk (It was very sweet) splash

Here is a photo of me infront of a Upsilon-class space craft (yes im a star wars fan)

Frontier / Adventure Land

Both of the lands were pretty good, in a sense that the lines and food was good

Tomorrow Land

I was able to ride Star Tours 3 times in 1 hr (yah 1 hr)


The food was all mobile order(From the DL App)

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